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Relax, mistakes are normal.

9 May 2018


    No one can ever live a life without committing any mistakes, that is just impossible. We live day by day experiencing different circumstances, trials, choices and decisions. Times where we have no clue on how to solve a problem since it has never happened before and what we thought was the best solution, end up harming us in the end. If I were to define life, i’d only use three words: trial and error because thats how life really is, it didn't come with any manuals and it’s up to us on how we are going to live it. There’s no such thing as big or small one, a mistake is always a mistake, people are so afraid on making them because of criticism but no matter how bright you are and no matter how much you avoid it, you will always make them and yet, that’s okay. 

Most of the time our mistakes turn into regrets but its also important to know that it’s not your mistake that defines you, its how you cope up with it. They are teachers and passing lessons a necessary detour not a dead end, so don’t get too stuck. Thats one of the cycles of life, you explore, you make mistakes, you learn and you don't do them again. There’s always a room for change and growth, you just have to embrace them fully. The mistakes you did will only strengthen you and make you wiser. 

People change everyday, who I was before is not who I am now and thats why you cannot judge me based on the mistakes I had because I try to live better everyday. I’ve made some unforgivable mistakes that brought me to a really rough patch and there’s nothing I can do to change what has already been done so instead of wishing I could turn back time, I admit what I did. It was a very painful way to learn but I did anyway and I make sure it’s something I’ll never do again. 

When you commit a mistake, criticism follows don't avoid it. This is the part you’ll know who your true friends are. The true ones will try their best to understand you, point out the bad things you’ve done and also get mad at you but they will help you get back up again and start fresh. The not so true ones are the people who will act like they care, but they will just talk about you and pull you down even when you’re already at your lowest. You shouldn't care about them because sometimes, most of them have created the same mistakes you had or worse in filipino; mga nag mamalinis hehe. Ignore and don’t mind them, remember this is about you, your life and your journey on becoming a better person. 
"Its not a mistake to make a mistake but its a mistake to repeat the same mistake"

OOTDS in china

Macau, Aiport
Terno blazer and pants: Bershka
White shirt: Bershka
White sneakers: h&m
Sunnies: Call it spring

Guangzhou, China
Fur Coat: h&m
Shirt: Thrasher
Boots: h&m
Sunnies: Call it Spring
Denim Shorts: Bazaar

Ngongping, Hongkong
Denim Jumpsuit: h&m
Top: h&m
White sneakers: h&m

Guanzhou, China
Top: Adidas
Bottoms: Sm Makati, Sm Woman
Shoes: Adidas

Guanzhou, China
Denim Jacket: American Eagle
Boots: Forever 21
White Shirt: Bershka
Others: Bazaar


8 May 2018

I was meant to share my daily itinerary in Boracay when I visited last November 2017 but all my files last year were corrupted so I just gathered all photos I had in my social media accounts. I stayed most of the time in Station 1 just because our hotel was there but it's in Station 2 where I ate, partied and shopped since its cheaper in that area. The hotel I stayed in which is The Lind Boracay was perfect from interior, to sceneries,  food and all the way down to service it was so obvious that their staff were well trained. They have an amazing breakfast buffet with wide variety of dishes so please try it! You can check their site since I have no photos to show you The Lind
Anyway, I will definitely go back to Boracay my memories with the beach, the sand and the vibe were too precious to be forgotten. 

Starting a blog?

Hey guys! After year a year of not blogging, I'm finally back at it. I'd like to share with you how I was able to get my blog fixed before bombarding you with recent travels. This will also be helpful for those who are thinking of starting their own blogs, so continue reading.

First Topic: Blogger or Wordpress?
  I used Blogger because most of my friends are using it, it would be easier if I have someone I can seek advice  and guidance from also, hindi ko talaga ma gets how wordpress works haha

Second Topic: Domain
How did I choose my domain?                                         
    Before coming up with I had 2 different domains; and it was a trial and error for me until I found the best fit. It's okay naman to change your domain when you feel like changing it since you're the boss on your site but just be sure your domain represents you and your blog :)

Where did I get my domain?
      I got it from "" I just searched if "" was available in the market and when I found out it was I bought it right away for only less than 1,000 pesos, thats already  for 2 years. They also accept payment deposit through banks for those who do not have credit cards to use in online transactions. After paying, you may call and ask help in connecting your newly purchased domain to your blog. They will give you step by step instructions and guide you on the whole process. I was on the phone with them for around 20 minutes, mahaba pasensya nila so don't worry just follow them and dont be afraid to ask.

Third Topic: Blog theme:
Where did I get my theme?
   Choosing a theme is probably the most exciting  and stressful part of putting up your blog, your creative skills will be tested here but for people who are not computer genius and doesn't have the funds to hire someone to do their site for them just like me HAHA go to and search blogger templates, they have nice themes na pasok sa budget!

How did I pay when I dont have a credit card?
    I registered to Paymaya! Paymaya is a debit credit card and app, download the app and register your details together with your contact number. Since its a debit credit card, you have to load it up first before using it but dont worry its super convenient, you can load it from any 7 eleven stores. for more details (

Why do I recommend
    I've bought 3 templates form them and it never failed me. There are a lot of cheap  and nice templates to choose from. The owners of the templates are very kind, they will help you install it to your site and if you really cant do it, they will install them for you. They  reply right away and can adjust the template depending on your preferences. I bought my template from  March17Design for 320 php she is very helpful and I love her designs, you can check it out.

So there you have it, this is how I was able to put up my blog and I hope it will help you on creating your own. If you have any other questions regarding my blog, shoot me an email! I'll probably answer as long as its not too techy hehe, i'm here to help you! (


8 June 2017

It was a pleasure to be one of the talents of the newest advertorial campaign  of Johnnie Walker Red Label. The shoot was held in Real Coast & Surf, about 5 hour dive from Makati. At first, I was a bit nervous since I barely knew anyone from the set but luckily we got a long so well! 

The Place is divided into two, the hotel side and the beach side. We all stayed in the hotel, the place was amazing I love the aura and the vibe. A bit windy at night so best spent by the pool or inside the cabanas, turn the music on,  grab some drink and you'll have a great chill night. Oh and another thing there's no wifi and signal here, I know it sucks but it has its perks too, you have no choice but to relax and enjoy! Hey you're out of town anyway might as well  forget the "real world" first.

The beach was okay, a bit crowded. Nice place to learn how to surf tho :)

We stayed here for a night but we are planning to visit again, you should too!

For more information about Real Coast & Surf:


8 April 2017


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